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RDS 501 (c)(3) checklist
In order to complete your 501c3 project we  need the information or documents listed below. Do not spend time researching, writing, or hiring other specialists to create these documents. If you do not have any of the  information or documents already completed, we will create them as a part of this project.

We cannot proceed with your project until we have this information; please  e-mail it to us as soon as possible. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.
Legal name of your organization, and a street address to which you want all legal documents mailed (not a P.O. Box). Choose 3 names, list them in the order of priority.

Copy of Articles of Incorporation

Copy of Bylaws , along with any amendments to the Articles or Bylaws

Names and addresses of 5 temporary board members
Identify the officers of the board: president, treasurer, secretary
Avoid relatives to who have same last names & addresses

Three (3) activities or services which your organization will provide

Target groups and geographic locations your organization will serve: youth, elderly, families, the poor, single parents, community development, south Philadelphia, Atlanta, East Africa, etc.  

Total estimated amount ($50,000, $150,000, $200,000, etc.) of your annual budget or operating expenses.

Will the organization have members (this does not refer to board members)? If so, list 3 to 5 membership requirements (qualifications, dues, meeting, etc.)

EIN (IRS Employer’s ID Number)
If you do not already have an EIN, please submit the Social Security Number of the principal officer so we can obtain an EIN number from the IRS