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                           ​RDS FEES

Our Service Fees Are as Follows:
1. Completion and Submission of Form 990-N to IRS - $200.00

2.  Amendment and name  changes to  articles of  incorporations and  IRS 501c3 - Determination letters - $250.00 - $300.00

3. New incorporation and new IRS 501c3  - EZ Form - Tax Exempt Application (for organization with projected annual income under  $50,000)  -  $500.00 to $700.00

4. Reinstatement  of  Automatically Revoked IRS 501c3  -Tax Exempt Status - EZ Form (for organization with actual or projected annual income under $50,000)  -  $600.00 to $700.00 

5. Completion of  IRS  501c3  - Tax Exempt Application - Long Form 1023  (for new organizations with projected or actual annual income over $50,000, less than 27 months after incorporation; churches, schools, medical facilities, housing projects, etc.)   -   fees start at $1.500.00 

6.   501c3 applications - Long form 1023 - for high annual budgets over $500K; or re-instatement after automatic IRS termination; building construction, housing projects, hospitals, charter schoolscolleges, etc - incorporated longer than  27 months; require extensive consultation and documentation; exceeds 20 hours of labor -  fee start at $2,500.00

7.  In addition to the fees listed above, all organizations will be required to pay processing fees to the secretary of state and IRS ranging from $375.00 to $750.00

8. Contractual consulting and grant writing services are available, and will be priced on an individual basis according to the organization's needs. Fees start at $85.00 per hour or $1,500 per project.