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                           ​RDS FEES

Our fees are $75 per hour. However, new start-up, non-profit organizations may qualify for a discount. Our minimum fee is two hours. IRS 501(c)(3) projects normally require 10 to 20 hours to complete.

We perform all of the following Non-Profit/Tax Exempt Services:

1. Completion and Submission of Form 990-N to IRS 

2. Amendments, name changes, and restatement of Articles of Incorporation 

3. New incorporation and new IRS 501c3  - EZ Form  - Tax Exempt Application (for organization with projected annual income under  $50,000)  

4. Reinstatement  of  Automatically Revoked IRS 501c3  -Tax Exempt Status - EZ Form (for organization with actual or projected annual income under $50,000) 

5.  IRS  501c3  - Tax Exempt Application - Long Form 1023  (for new organizations with projected or actual annual income over $50,000, less than 27 months after incorporation; churches, schools, medical facilities, housing projects, etc.) 

6.   IRS 501c3 applications - Long form 1023 - for high annual budgets over $500K; or re-instatement after automatic IRS termination. Building construction, housing projects, hospitals, charter schools, colleges, etc. - incorporated longer than 27 months; require extensive consultation and documentation  

7.  In addition to the fees listed above, all organizations will be required to pay processing fees to the secretary of state and IRS 

8. Contractual consulting and grant writing services are available, and will be priced on an individual basis according to the organization's needs.